Impressions Vs. Reach Definition

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If you are brand new to being an influencer or creator and need help understanding terms that brands or agencies are throwing at you,  this post is from a series called Influencer Marketing Terminology

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Impressions Vs. Reach - What’s the Difference”?

What is the difference between Impressions and Reach? An impression is how many actual people could have possibly seen a post -- basically how many times your post is displayed. For example, if someone typed into YouTube search “holiday gift guide” and your video popped up, they could scroll by your video and not actually click it and that would still count as an impression. Impressions are how most traditional media measure success of Brand Awareness campaigns but for most practical purposes, “reach” is a more important metric. Instagram defines Reach as “The number of unique accounts that have seen your post.” 

This is different from impressions, because rather than being how many people could have potentially seen your post, this is telling us the actual number of eyeballs on your content, which is a much more accurate measurement of performance for a post.

Justin Moore | Creator Wizard