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Which Sponsorship Pricing Style Is Best?

Taking a look at three popular pricing strategies to figure out...which is best?

3 Minute Read
Why I Don’t Manage or Represent Creators

How I decided to go all-in on being a Sponsorship Coach (and how you can make tough decisions about your own business too).

3 Minute Read
5 Negotiation Tactics I Learned From My Kids

How kids use mental jiu-jitsu to get what they want (and how to apply these principles to your next sponsorship!)

3 Minute Read
My Recent Video Bombed. Will Sponsors Hate Me?

How to explain lower engagement to sponsors and stop them lowballing you at the negotiating table.

4 Minute Read
Your Relationship With Money Is Holding You Back

It's time for a mindset shift about money itself.

4 Minute Read

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