Media Kits for Instagram or YouTube to Get More Brand Deals!

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I want to share why it’s so important to have a media kit, the must-have elements of a media kit that every brand is going to want to see, how to easily make a media kit for yourself using free tools online, and what to do with your media kit once you’ve created it to increase the chances of getting more brand deals and sponsorships.

Why are Media Kits Important?

What is a Media Kit?

So, a Media Kit is a well-designed, visual document that showcases

  • Who you are
  • Your main social media platforms
  • How many followers you have
  • Your audience demographics
  • Types of content you make or the services you offer
  • Examples of past partnerships and so on

So why do you need a Media Kit?

For creators, it's kind of like your resume. Oftentimes, it's going to be agencies who are requesting your Media Kit because they want to be able to show something to their client, who is the brand. Rather than sending the client a link to your social platform or a post that you did, you get to control that and put your best foot forward and send them the content that you're most proud of or what you think is most representative of what you're capable of doing. Another reason to have a Media Kit, is you just seem more professional and like you know what you're doing. In my experience, the vast majority of influencers I've worked with still don't have a Media Kit even with hundreds of thousands of followers. To be clear I'm not saying that you can't get brand deals or sponsorships without a Media Kit. I'm just saying that it's another tool in your tool kit to further establish your credibility.

How to Make Your Own Media Kit

There are a number of programs many Influencers use to create their media kits. The two most popular are Canva which has both a free and paid option with a very simple to use with a drag and drop interface. They offer multiple templates but I would suggest giving them your own unique touch. The other popular option is Photoshop, there are many templates available online on places like Etsy, Creative Market and even Adobe directly. Using these programs you can quickly and easily create a beautiful and unique media kit yourself.