Brand Deal Negotiation Tactics

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Negotiating with brands is not an easy task.

Today we're going to be talking about Brand Deal Negotiation Tactics to ensure you're protecting yourself and making the most money possible.

Brand Deal Negotiation Tactics

We are going to cover:

  • Standard procedures for an influencer inquiry (from an agency perspective)
  • Budgets
  • Pricing strategies for integrations
  • What to avoid


Knowing the full scope of what the advertising agency or the brand partner is looking to do is extremely important and really helpful to get things moving smoothly.

It’s important to ask questions about the deliverables during the initial process. The faster you can get to a mutual understanding, the faster you can get to work.

It’s important to know as much information as possible to ensure there is a full understanding of what is expected. Covering these bases will work in your favour for repeat integrations.


Once you know the full scope of what the brand or agency is looking for, you’ll be able to discuss budgets and price accordly.

So, do you come right out and ask the brand “what is your budget?”


Accept whatever number they throw your way?

When negotiating with brands, some creators will give their “rates” or “fee” and forget that it isn’t necessarily a negotiation tactic.

This is why it’s so important to ask questions in the early stages of negotiations so when budgets and pricing conversations arise, you’ll know what to do.


When considering a pricing strategy, confidence and knowledge plays a big role. Is the brand/agency asking for

  • Exclusivity
  • Usage rights
  • Whitelisting

These are KEY for ensuring you make the most money possible!


Now that you know what tactics to use when negotiating with brands, it’s important to also know what you shouldn’t do.

Creators shouldn’t accept integrations that don’t align with their content or what their audience likes.

Watch this video where I talk more about brand deal negotiation tactics with Kevin Herrera, Co-Founder and CEO of Verified Member network, The Machine.

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Justin Moore | Creator Wizard