Why Creators Do Hard Things

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I was coaching my son's T-ball game over the weekend and I randomly had the thought...

"Why does being a creator feel so hard all the time?"

I think it's because it feels like failure is around every corner with...

  • Social platforms constantly changing their algorithms
  • New platforms cropping up that I now need a presence on
  • Not having a clear picture on my various income streams
  • Increasing competition from other creators
  • Feeling like no matter what I do or what content I create, I just can't. seem. to. grow.

Have you felt any of these recently? 😅

I just wanted to quickly mention one mindset shift that's given me a lot of peace recently...

Being a creator feels hard because...it IS hard.

Who else is crazy enough to put themselves out there, risk ridicule from their family and friends ("when are you gonna get a real job?")...

All with the hope of one day "making it?"

Well...you are!

You're creative! You have a vision! You want to bring something to life that hasn't existed before!

So, if you're reading this, that means that you're frickin' strong.

You can do Hard Things that most people cannot.

And because you choose to do Hard Things, that also means you have to realize that some Hard Things are outside of your control (hint: the algorithms).

BUT you know what's something you CAN control?

How you choose to feel about these Hard Things.

So the next time you get frustrated when you see other creators succeeding or getting amazing opportunities...

Remember that they're also doing Hard Things.  

So let's raise each other up, not tear each other down.

And celebrate these Hard Things that we all choose to do. ✌️

Justin Moore | Creator Wizard
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