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The Best Link In Bio To Make Money On Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube!

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I'm gonna give you three reasons why your link in bio is your most critical real estate as a creator.

Reason number one is that your link in bio is a vital part of your first impression, whether it's an existing follower, a new viewer, or a potential brand sponsor. When they stumble across your content, one of the first things they're likely to do is check your bio to see what you're all about. For example, in the last 28 days, 12,300 people have visited my Twitter profile. That's a lot of eyeballs.

So if you're familiar with link tree or similar services, Koji is a far more robust toolset, with a bunch of slick templates for creators to choose from. Here's a few popular creators link in bios to see how they've supercharged their strategy.

YouTuber Pixel is using Koji to consolidate interactions with his 630,000 followers across all of his social platforms. Previously, whenever he asked his fans for art submissions, he would be absolutely inundated. So he used the group story to allow his followers to organize everything in one place. He's even able to curate the selections to only include the best ones. Plus, if you want, Koji even gives you the ability to charge for the privilege to post to his group story.

Former NFL player and current TV personality Michael Strahan uses Koji for his link in bio too. And he takes full advantage of the visual customization options with an HD video background and a blue and white color scheme that matches his old uniform from when he played for the New York Giants. Plus, he uses the email collection add-on to help grow his email list for fans who wanna stay updated on everything he's up to.

Viral guacamole singer Jayo is another creator using Koji in fantastic ways. He'll sing you a song for 10 bucks. You can tip him when he asks, "Do you love me?" And you can even stream his Spotify playlist from inside Koji.

The second reason you need to give extra love to your link in bio is that it's your best chance to own your audience and establish a direct connection with them outside of that social media platform. If you've been on social media long enough, chances are you know how fickle the algorithms can be. One day you're flying high with views and engagement and organic reach. And then the platform changes things up, and everything takes. Especially if you're building a business as a creator, it's irresponsible to put all of your eggs in one basket and not look at other avenues to contact your followers, AKA your customers.

And the third reason why you need to think long and hard about your link in bio strategy is that you can start monetizing your influence and expertise now. There's been a significant shift over the last, let's say, five to six years. Whereas previously, creators felt like they had to hit these arbitrary milestones. Let's say 10,000 followers before they felt like they were comfortable to start charging for things. In my experience over the last few years, that's all changed, and I always recommend creators begin ASAP.

There is one more creator's Koji strategy that I wanna show you. I'm gonna give you a guess, who's it is. He has two thumbs, and you're looking right at him. I've been using Koji across all of my social platforms, and I couldn't be happier with the results. It's on my YouTube, it's on my Instagram, it's on my Twitter. And so I just wanted to show you what I've got. So the first thing you'll notice is that this isn't just some bland collection of links, right? Koji makes it super easy to be dynamic with a 4K video background. So you can upload your own file. You can do it from a YouTube link. You can have animated icons. So I wanna walk through each link I use one by one. So first up is my tip jar Koji. And I've labeled it support. And I have a little money face emoji. And when you click on it, I have a personalized video basically saying, "Have I helped you? Let me know." If I've helped you on your creator journey, here's a nifty little tip jar, which will allow me to live my mission of helping as many creators as possible, become more business savvy. And when you click on it, anyone can donate whatever amount they want and include a little note that lets me know how I've helped them. So let's say it's $5, and you helped me with a negotiation. Thanks. Click it. And everything is processed right inside Koji. And you get to keep a hundred percent of these tips. Literally a hundred percent. I've got a nice little animated gift of money following here.

Next is my private Facebook group, where I help give creators brand deal intel. I have my link to my brand deal course on here. And then my next Koji is, do you need help with a brand deal negotiation? And when you click on that, basically it says, "Help. Are you in need of help with a brand deal negotiation? Send me the info, and I'll send you a video with my advice." So, you basically type in like what's the deal with the brand? What are they saying? What do you need help with? And it's $10 to send back a video with negotiation help. So think about for you as a creator, what types of advice you're getting? What can you charge a custom video for?

So the next Koji I have is, people can record testimonials and send them to me, without me even asking, they can actually just send me a video of how I've helped them. I put a little video here of another creator that had done a testimonial to kinda get the juices flowing. So you can just click, add to the story. You can upload it in different ways. You can provide a link, or you can record it with your webcam, or you can just type something there. I'm actually gonna be reviewing all of these, right? So there are all these settings that you can do with your Koji's. So if you don't want it to post to your group story right away, you can actually review them and download them, and I can edit them and things like that and re-upload them to my group story, as like an edited testimonial.

Then I've got some other standard links. I have the free list of my 50 top brand deal platforms. I've got my free 14-day brand deal challenge. I've got my email list link there, and then I've got nice, really polished links to all my social platforms at the bottom. So you're probably wondering what the catch is? Honestly, there's not one. Koji is entirely free to sign up for. They take a percentage of certain transactions once you make the sales, but it's modest.

If you already have a link tree, you can automatically import and transfer all your pre-existing information to the Koji site. So once you fill out all of your basic information, you can start exploring all of the Koji templates, and there's a ton to choose from. And you can mix and match to best suit your creator identity. So let's say that you want your link in bio to include a tip jar like mine. Well, you just select the tip jar template, and then you decide if you wanna use it as is or if you wanna customize it. I recommend customizing it, which Koji calls remixing. And you can do the same with pretty much every type of Koji template. And they really offer a lot. From monetization to email lists growth to games and even meme-building tools. So if you wanna set up your Koji for free, click HERE to check it out, and thanks again to Koji for sponsoring this.

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