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How to get paid sponsorships during the Holiday Season

Why it's never too late to land one last partnership before the year's out.

4 Minute Read
“It’s so much harder to get sponsored now…”

Is this actually true? And what can creators do about it?

3 Minute Read
Brand paid you 50% less? Here’s why it doesn’t matter.

It's time to stop getting hung up over the pennies.

4 Minute Read
🪦 Grave Sponsorship Mistakes (and how to avoid them) 🦇

Reliving real sponsorship horror stories from my audience!

5 Minute Read
I don’t dance on TikTok…can I still get sponsored?

If you’re not popping and locking on TikTok, can you really expect any brand to care about you?

4 Minute Read

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