“It’s so much harder to get sponsored now…”

Is this actually true? And what can creators do about it?

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I’m curious, does it feel harder for you to land sponsorships than it used to?

Tweet me and let me know. 🤔

Most creators I talk to feel like it might be because:

  • It’s harder to stand out in their niche or industry
  • Reaching their audience feels like an ”algorithm” roulette wheel
  • Others keep accepting deals for free or little pay
  • There’s economic uncertainty
  • Brands love lowballing because they’re supervillains
Actual footage of a brand budget meeting?

Look, I get it.

Being a creator is pretty unrelenting (especially if you also have a 9-5 job!) and trying to maintain a consistent sponsorship strategy at the same time??? 🥺

So, I’ve got good news and bad news for you.

Which one do you want first? (Hint: the bad news is not that bad.)

Bad news:

All of the above factors ARE real:

  • There are more and more creators starting every day
  • Organic reach has declined on basically every platform
  • Most creators accept low rates because they don’t have much experience
  • The economic outlook is not great
  • Brands are offering less money to certain creators (who don’t have experience)

BUT…guess what?

Things get exciting when you start looking at these as potential opportunities.

Good news:
  • More creators mean more opportunities for collaboration and recognition for your niche/industry
  • New platforms are popping up every day allowing you to reinvent yourself
  • There are more educational resources for creators to learn their worth
  • Brands are looking for creative and cost-effective marketing solutions now more than ever
  • Brands often need education (from you) about what’s fair compensation

No one ever said that being a creator was easy.

Every year there will be new challenges to overcome.

But with a mindset of positivity, opportunity, and abundance, we can all THRIVE. ✌️

Justin Moore | Creator Wizard