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5 Mindset Shifts to Know your Worth for Brand Deal Rates

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Today we're gonna talk about five mindset shifts you need to make, to truly know your worth when it comes to brands deal rates. You're gonna
learn the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from knowing your worth, how to harness more confidence in your brand deal negotiations and why investing in yourself will separate you from the vast majority of creators and enable you to earn the income you truly want.

So let me tell you a little story. When my wife April and I first started working with brands on paid deals, it was super nerve wracking. We had done quite a few posts in exchange for free products, but when money entered the equation, we never felt confident in the pricing that we were sending to the brand or the agency. We didn't know if we were too low or too high, especially if there were some unique elements to the partnership, like paid media rights or exclusivity.

The 5 Mindset Shifts to Know Your Worth

And the thing that actually got us past that, is mindset shift number one, which is that you deserve to be compensated and paid what you're due. Whenever I ask creators who are struggling with this if they would work a 9-5 job for free, they all answer, well of course not, right. So I say, why should creating content for a brand be any different? Remember, they are getting tremendous value from working with you, whether it's reposting your content on their social media, potentially using it for paid advertising. And most importantly, they're getting to access your audience that you've painstakingly built an intimate relationship with over the years. And they trust you.

So mindset shift number two is that fundamentally people do not value something as highly that they get for free or for a very low price. Think about it, when you pay for something that is more costly, you will perceive it to be of a higher quality, right? The same is true when working with brands, the more you work with brands for free or agree to collaborate for a very small amount, they're gonna treat you like a commodity and potentially replaceable with any other creator out there. But when you charge what you're worth, you're gonna naturally attract the types of brands who will value what you're bringing to the table. Now, to be clear, this is going to mean that you may have to start turning down brands
that you normally would have worked with because they're no longer gonna be able to afford you. And that's okay! Letting go of those types of
brands will free up your time and your mental real estate to start going after those higher paying brands.

Mindset shift number three is that there is no one else like you. You know a lot of creators forget that when a brand reaches out to them, there's a reason that they're doing that. Something about your page resonated, your personality, your connection with your audience, the quality of your content. Yes, of course there are brands only care about your reach and what type of results you can drive for them, but there are a lot more brands who are very selective about the types of creators that they partner with. So keep that mindset going into the negotiation. They want to work with you.

And going along with that, mindset shift number four is that you need to be willing to walk away from a brand deal. Remember, it's your social media platforms and you are the one who ultimately gets to make the decision of whether you wanna partner with them. So once you embrace the fact that you are in control and that it won't be the end of the world, if you lose the deal, it'll give you the confidence to price yourself more accurately.

And mindset shift number five is that you need to invest in yourself and never stop learning. Brands are on track to pour $15 billion into influencer marketing by 2022, so deal flow is accelerating and this space is getting competitive. Your brand deal pricing strategies that may have worked a few years ago, are likely out of date and you could be leaving a significant amount of money on the table. I see creators investing in new camera equipment, new phones, new editing software, you know what, all of these things can absolutely improve the quality of your content but you also need to be investing in your knowledge.

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So let's quickly recap, mindset shift number one is that you deserve to be compensated and paid what you're due.You wouldn't work a typical
nine to five job for free. So why should creating content for a brand be any different.

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